Projects & Performances

Here you can find all the projects we have done and the ones coming.

Spelers Gezocht

Dutch performance​ (NL)
Ben je op zoek naar de mogelijkheid om theater te spelen en daar ook nog aan de transitie in de landbouw kunnen bijdragen?

Storytelling Night – Let’s TELL About Yes

Okay, here it finally is! A storytelling about CONSENT!

We want to organize a Storytelling night because we think stories are the way we can connect with each other and understand each other.

Dealing with Stress

(28th March and 7th April 2017)
Unless you’re a Tibetan monk, we all have to deal with it in a certain way.
It’s common knowledge that getting a PhD is hard.


MoestuinRomantiek (“Vegetable Garden Romanticism”) was connecting, warming and tranquil.
Observing bee’s colonies in silence.

MoestuinRomantiek – Reserve your ticket!

In the beautiful Walled Garden in Renkum (once King Willem III’s vegetable garden), Boerengroep & Inspringtheater are organizing a program about love.