& boerengroep

The start of our journey

From Seeds of Dialogue to Flourishing Insights

In 1971, the seeds of Boerengroep were sown. A visionary group recognized the power of theatre as a catalyst for engagement, especially within the realm of agriculture. This insight led to the birth of Inspringtheater.

For five decades, we have nurtured a legacy of fostering dialogue, making it approachable, diverse, and enjoyable through the medium of theatre. Our hallmark method, Forum theatre, invites the audience onto the stage, where scenes are rewoven, and scripts were rewritten, all in the pursuit of change and progress.

Our journey has been one of growth. While agriculture remains at our core, our reach extends to vital university topics. At WUR, we’re champions of issues like gender, diversity, stress, and mental health. Together, we continue to cultivate conversations that enrich minds, empower voices, and nurture a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.

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