Empower Change through Forum Theatre: Your Platform for Active Dialogue

Welcome to the world of Forum Theatre, where dialogue becomes a powerful instrument for transformation. Inspired by the visionary Augusto Boal, these dynamic approaches empower audiences to shape scenes and explore solutions. In Forum Theatre, relatable challenges take center stage as actors portray real-world issues. Audience members step into the spotlight, co-creating alternative outcomes that promote dialogue and problem-solving. Within a brief hour, this immersive journey surpasses days of traditional discourse, leaving a lasting impact. Unlock the potential of Forum Theatre for your organization. Address workplace dynamics, societal concerns, or community matters with an interactive twist. Join us on this unique journey of empowerment, engagement, and positive change.

In 1971 Augusto Boal went to Brazil in search of forms of theater that were accessible to the common people. That is why he did not opt for the plush of the theaters, but played his plays in the street. Initially with experienced actors, but later also with amateurs, minimizing the gap between players and audience. By addressing subjects close to people’s hearts, Boal created Theater of the Oppressed, a politically engaged and accessible form of theater that eventually evolved into Forum Theatre.