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In the beautiful Walled Garden in Renkum (once King Willem III’s vegetable garden), Boerengroep & Inspringtheater are organizing a program about love.

The greengrocer teaches you to look at crops in a different way.
The beekeeper tells you how bees are connected.
An ecotherapist makes you feel the unusual.
The gardener cooks dinner. And there is a performance about love.

Of course there is room to exchange things with each other while enjoying a drink by the campfire. Bring warm clothes and a blanket to sit on (all activities are outdoors).

The ticket includes the costs for dinner and a drink.
Sunday September 11, 2016
Door open: 15:30
Start: 16:00 Reserve your tickets here.
(After registration and payment you will receive a confirmation email. Max 30 people, so wait don’t take too long to order)