This play is originally written in Dutch, but there is always the option to make it in English if you need it​

Goede Buren

"Good Neighbours"

This script is written originally in Dutch, but if you need it in English we can translate it

Area processes have undoubtedly also started or are about to start in your region.

But are we listening to each other or are we just transmitting?

With “Good Neighbors” you see how easy it is not to understand each other. And we let you interactively feel what it is like to listen and connect.

“Good Neighbours” is an invitation to all your stakeholders: farmers, environmentalists and policy makers, to enter into a real dialogue. Suitable for any area process.

We invite you to make some change with us

This is an invitation to collaborate with us to bring alive “Goede Buren“, an interactive performance that helps us understand each other while feeling what it is like to listen and connect, about the current situation we are living regardless the area processes.


It would be an honor to host this event for you, which we promise to be informative and enjoyable. However, our vision cannot be accomplished without your participation.


We believe that working together is the best way. The outcome is to contribute to increasing the dialogue about this topic and hearing different perspectives to find an overall understanding. 


We are confident that this performance will attract a large audience and positively impact our community. If you are interested in discussing this opportunity further or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Inspringtheater! We would be happy to provide you with any additional details you need.


We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you on this exciting project.