‘Forum Theatre’ is also called ‘Theatre of the Oppressed which is a method Augusto Boal developed in the 1970ies in Brasil.

The method wants to bring the topics of society on stage which are hard to talk about, those we do not have the easy solutions for, and which are hard to bring parties together because there are so many perspectives.
This method helps us to open the dialogue, it empowers us to stand up for ourselves and others and creates the opportunity to understand different perspectives. It can be used in many settings like university, work, school, conferences, on a governmental level, etc. If you learn Forum Theatre, you’ll find a way to integrate it into your life!

This course we traditionally give at the beginning of the academic year. You can get to know the technique and also create some scenes yourself.

As a follow up there will be a Joker course in December. The ‘Joker’ is the facilitator of a Forum Theatre play, which is creating an interactive atmosphere.

Little sidenote:
For the Forum Theatre course is no experience needed, but neither is the Forum Theatre course needed to join our other activities and plays. You’re always welcome to join somewhere in the year with any project or workshop, but the course is definitely handy and definitely definitely fun.

Costs: 20€ (if this is problematic in any kind of way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we will find a way!)

You can register via this link: https://forms.gle/zMKkdwbgASgBpZPB8