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Exploring Scientific Integrity:
A Dynamic Forum Theatre Experience

Delve into the intricate world of scientific integrity through a captivating Forum Theatre production that challenges perceptions and invites active participation. This thought-provoking play, meticulously designed for Ph.D. candidates, Master’s students, and researchers within the field, shines a spotlight on the ethical conundrums surrounding data manipulation and the bending of numbers to fit research narratives.

The Play's Essence: Step into a realm where scientific principles intersect with human decisions

 This performance presents a compelling narrative that unfurls the consequences of compromising integrity for expedient outcomes. Witness the story of researchers grappling with moral dilemmas, navigating the fine line between rigorous truth-seeking and succumbing to the allure of skewed results.

Interactive Engagement:

What sets this production apart is its innovative interactive format known as Forum Theatre. Every member of the audience has the chance to step into the spotlight, becoming an active participant and shaping the unfolding narrative. As scenes progress, individuals are invited to intervene, alter the storyline, and experiment with diverse approaches. By immersing themselves in the characters’ choices, attendees experience firsthand the weight of ethical decisions in research.

Provoking Self-Reflection:

The heart of the performance lies in prompting attendees to introspect: How would you navigate the intricate web of scientific ethics? By traversing this enthralling plotline and engaging in on-the-fly decision-making, participants grapple with the challenges faced by researchers in maintaining unwavering scientific integrity. This immersive experience spurs personal contemplation and cultivates a deeper understanding of the profound responsibilities within the research realm.

Nurturing Dialogue and Insight:

Beyond the stage, this production sparks conversations that resonate. Attendees engage in post-performance discussions, dissecting the themes explored and sharing their perspectives. The play’s resonance extends to academic institutions, fostering dialogues on ethical research practices and the significance of upholding honesty in the pursuit of knowledge.

Empowering Future Scholars:


Ideal for budding researchers and seasoned academics alike, this performance provides a dynamic lens through which to view the complexities of scientific integrity. Ph.D. candidates, Master’s students, and research professionals are empowered to examine their roles in shaping a research landscape anchored in honesty, transparency, and intellectual rigor.

In essence, the Forum Theatre experience on scientific integrity unites entertainment and education, prompting individuals to confront their own ethical thresholds and shaping a generation of researchers who stand unwaveringly for the truth. Join us in this transformative journey that blends performance art, audience participation, and critical dialogue to champion the principles that underpin credible and impactful research.