Inspringtheater in times of Corona

Sure, Inspringtheater also has to do everything differently in these times.
We had to cancel all our performances, courses, and other projects which were planned for the upcoming months. That’s a pity cause it was so much and so beautiful!
Our play Kring Lopen would have continued, we would have played on a lot of farms. Also, we would have offered a Forum Theatre Course together with ISOW, where everyone could have learned what Forum Theatre exactly is and what its power actually is. We were planning on great art projects about the Protein Transition together with Artist in Residence at Wageningen University Arne Hendriks, and that’s just a few! Uff.. But hey, chances are there to be taken as changes, so we accepted it and we go on with other great projects!
This website will finally look beautiful and you’ll become a great overview here of what Forum Theatre is and everything we’re doing.
Also, there will be a Inspringtheater-Game soon, which you can print at home and play it with your families or housemates. That’s not enough! We will make inspiring interviews, so-called “JUMP-INterviews” (Jump-in-theatre, get it? Funny, right?) where we will jump in a talk with inspiring people and ask them about their experience with Forum Theatre or Theatre in general. Do you think that’s still not enough? True! There is still more creativity, but give us some more time to figure out what else we will put into action, cause we (probably) can’t do anything at once. Stay tuned! It will be awesome!
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